Welcome to the VHF / UHF / SHF contest rules for 2021. 2020 has seen tremendously high levels of contest entries both during and outside of lockdown periods. For 2021, let's hope for those same high activity levels, but under more normal circumstances. We haven't made a large number of changes to the contest rules for 2021, but those changes which we have made are listed below.

Perhaps the most important change is that, from January 2021, we are removing the COVID based restriction against multi-operator entries, and simply requiring that all entrants must fully comply with all COVID-19 local restrictions and advice including but not limited to social distancing, meeting people outside of their household/bubble and travelling that apply to the location where they are operating and at the time of the event. Any enclosed operating space (e.g. car, tent) will be considered to be an indoor location.

So, for those stations and operators living and operating in areas where mixing of households is allowed indoors, they can re-commence multi-operator contesting, but should make sure that all the necessary measures are taken to prevent the spread of COVID (social distancing, sanitising of equipment between operators etc.)

Enjoy contesting in 2021!


Andy Cook, G4PIQ

Chair RSGB VHF Contest Committee

RSGB VHF Contest Rule Changes for 2021