Changes to all Contest rules due to social distancing here

Date 2 Jan 18 Time 1900-2000 (UTC)
Date 6 Feb 18 Time 1900-2000 (UTC)
Date 6 Mar 18 Time 1900-2000 (UTC)
Date 3 Apr 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 1 May 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 5 Jun 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 3 Jul 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 7 Aug 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 4 Sep 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 2 Oct 18 Time 1800-1900 (UTC)
Date 6 Nov 18 Time 1900-2000 (UTC)
Date 4 Dec 18 Time 1900-2000 (UTC)
Introduction These contests are intended to provide a place where stations who have FM equipment can come on and get a feel for contesting, and hopefully move-on over time to more conventional contesting on SSB. As such - we've tried to make the rules simple and equipment requirements simple and are open to non RSGB members
Band Contest activity should only take place between 144.5125 MHz - 144.7875 MHz and 145.200 MHz - 145.400 MHz. There are gaps left here specifically to ensure that space remains on the bands for non-contest participants during these short events. Please take care to avoid interference to other established QSOs / data links etc. FM deviation should be set suitable for 12.5 kHz channel spacing.
Mode FM
Exchange RS(T), Serial Number (starting at 001 on each date) and a 6 character (e.g. IO92JL) locator
Scoring One Point per Kilometre
UK Contest Callsigns Not allowed
10W to vertical ant

10W to an omni directional vertical polarised antenna

Single operator entries only
50W Restricted

50W with no antenna restrictions (recommended but not mandatory that vertical polarisation is used).

Single operator entries only
General Rules
General Rules for all RSGB VHF/UHF/SHF contests can be found here
Ian, G0FCT
Entry Date Within 7 days
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Web Results Date of results 22/12/18; Available here (Overall Results)
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