Changes to all Contest rules due to social distancing here

144MHz May Contest
Date 16-17 May 20 Time 1400-1400 (UTC)
Band 2m
Modes SSB, CW, FM, AM, JT6M, ISCAT and FSK441
Exchange RS(T), Serial Number (starting at 001) and a 6 character (e.g. IO92JL) locator and UK&CD stations send the first 2 letters of their Postcode
Scoring One Point per Kilometre multiplied by the number of Countries plus Postcodes (M1)
UK Contest Callsigns Allowed
Single Op Fixed
A station operated by a single person, with no operational assistance of another person or persons during the contest period. It shall be operated from the main station address as shown on the licence validation document, provided that is also the current residence of the operator for the purposes of COVID-19 mobility controls. The spirit of the contest will be paramount.

Single operator entries only
6 hours Single Op Fixed
Rules as per section "SF" except stations may only operate for a maximum of 6 hours. Entrants may choose between any continuous 6 hour period in which to operate (e.g. 1500-2100, or 1917-0117) or alternatively split the 6 hour period into any number of segments as long as they are separated by at least 1 hour off time.
In order to increase activity we recommend the following times to operate in this section
1900-2100 UTC Sat and 0700-0900 and 1200-1400 UTC on the Sunday.

Operation after this 6 hour window is allowed but will not count for points. All contacts must be included in the log.

Serial numbers must start at 001 for this 6 hour period, and you cannot enter both this section and the full contest.

In multi-band contests the same single 6 hour period must be used on all bands.

Single operator entries only
General Rules
General Rules for all RSGB VHF/UHF/SHF contests can be found here
Pete, G4CLA
Entry Date Within 7 days
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