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Entries received for SSBFD Registration 2019

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Callsign Section Group Call
M1SMH Assisted Wirral & DARC G4MGR/P
G4FNL Unassisted Sussex Downs CG G4FNL/P
M5ZZZ Unassisted Lincoln SWC G5FZ/P
M0TBS Unassisted South Coast Contest Group M0WCO/P
MW0LGE Unassisted Newport ARS GW4EZW/P
MM0GOR Unassisted GMDX MM1E/P
G0WJK Assisted Hull & District ARS G3AMW/P
M5JPG Assisted   M5JPG/P
GM3WIJ Unassisted Aberdeen ARS GM3BSQ/P
M0SAR Unassisted Echelford ARS G3UES/P
M0DHO Unassisted Reading & DARC G3ULT/P
G3ZDW Unassisted RAFARS G8FC/P
GW0JTU Unassisted Blaenau Gwent Radio Group ARS MW0IWX/P
G3UQW Unassisted Basingstoke ARC G3TCR/P
2E0ZDX Unassisted Thornton Cleveleys ARS G4ATH/P
G7BCS Unassisted Farnborough & DRS G2DX/P
M0HZT Unassisted Chippenham & DARC G3VRE/P
G0VOK Unassisted Mid Cheshire ARS G3ZTT/P
M0VCB Assisted Scarborough ARS G4BP/P
M0TCH Unassisted Sutton & Cheam RS G2XP/P
G3ZDF Unassisted RNARS Fareham G3BZU/P
G7LWV Assisted Itchen Valley ARC G5Z/P
M6WTL Assisted Chesham & DARS G3MDG/P
M0OFM Assisted Medway ARTS G5MW/P
M0EBR Unassisted York RC G4YRC/P
M0TKM Unassisted   M0TKM/P
GM1TGY Assisted Grampian Hilltoppers GM5G/P
M0JPS QRP Felixstowe & DARS M0JPS/P
GW4JPC Assisted St Tybie ARS GC0VPR/P
M0NKR Assisted Norfolk ARC G4ARN/P
G1GNQ Assisted Braintree & DARS G3XG/P
M0RBY Unassisted Ripon & DARS G4SJM/P
G0NWM Unassisted Tynemouth ARC WITHDRAWN /P
M0IMA Assisted Darenth Valley RS G0KDV/P
M1TES Assisted Lowestoft District & Pye ARC G3JRM/P
G6GEI Assisted Milton Keynes ARS M5MK/P
G7COU Unassisted Yorkshire Amateur Radio Friends M0YRF/P
M0UFC QRP Bolton Wireless Club G8WY/P
M0NKE Assisted Central England CG M0IOX/P
G8BYB Unassisted Spalding & DARS GX4DSP/P
M0ORY Unassisted RAF Waddington ARC M0ORY/P
G8ZZK Unassisted Windmill CG G0FBB/P
M0PGX Assisted Angel of the North ARC GB0DAR/P
GW4TTA/P Unassisted Dragon ARC GW6W/P
GW7BZR Unassisted Dragon ARC GW6W/P
G8EWT Unassisted Oxford & DARS G8PX/P
G7BCS Unassisted Farnborough & DRS G2DX/P
M0VFC Assisted Camb-Hams G3PYE/P
M0NKR Assisted Norfolk ARC G4ARN/P
M0TKM Unassisted Newbury & DARS M0TKM/P
M0PGX Assisted Angel of the North ARC GB1DAR/P