RSGB Contest Special Rules 2014

This is an Affiliated Societies contest and is open to both individual entrants (who must be RSGB members), and to teams made up of a number of operators who must all be members of the same affiliated society, but not necessarily RSGB members themselves.

The results from the 6m, 2m and 70cm Affiliated Society contests contribute to the AFS Super League.

a. All members of the team must operate from within 80Km of the Virtual Meeting Place of the society and must be within the UK. No station may represent more than one society. No operator is allowed to use more than one callsign during the contest. In the case of national societies, each team must define a separate virtual meeting place , and each team member must operate within 80Km of that designated meeting place. See for more information.

b. QSOs with other members of your team will count for points.

c. Each AFS member will be allocated to one or more teams in descending order of adjudicated score. For the purpose of calculating the overall AFS team score, each member of each team will be placed in one of 4 sections. Sections A, B, C etc. The highest placed member of each team will be placed in Section A, the second highest in Section B etc. All stations in each of the sections will have their score normalised against the highest score in that section, with the highest score gaining 1000 points. The final AFS team score will be the sum of the team members individual normalised scores.

d. Logs must be uploaded individually, using an AFS Club Name chosen from the list on the contest entry robot. The RSGB Contest Committee verifies that distance rules are being complied with. Therefore the address, including postcode or QTH locator of the normal meeting place of each club must be emailed to This only needs to be done once for each club, after which the information will be kept on file. The currently held address information can viewed and verified during AFS log submission. Additions to the robot club names list or changes to the club meeting place data should be emailed to