RSGB Contest Special Rules 2014

a. The individual entries by a club's members to the UK activity contests which take place on each Tuesday in every month all count towards a society's overall score for the year for each UKAC. To maximise the club score, it's important for the club contest organiser to get as many members to come on for as many sessions as possible. A rolling club listing will be maintained on the Contest Committee web site for each band.

b. Stations enter the UKAC contests in the normal way, but need to include an AFS (affiliated society) name in the cover sheet of their entry. Entries to all sections of the UKAC count towards the overall club score which is the simple sum of the normalised scores of each team member operating that month.

c. Stations who enter on behalf of an affiliated society must be members of the affiliated society, but not necessarily RSGB members themselves.

d. All 12 sessions will count towards the total club score.