RSGB Contest Special Rules 2020

S12. We expect that, given the short duration of these contests, the majority of activity will be on FT4 and FT8. These contests are likely to create high levels of activity, and if all that activity were to converge on the normal FT8 operating frequencies, those frequencies will become saturated. Therefore we encourage stations to spread out away from the normal FT8 operating frequencies, and suggest 144.165 - 144.195 MHz and 50.310 - 50.340 as USB dial frequencies.

Users of WSJT-X should enable EU VHF Contest mode.
If the sending stations does not send a serial number then log a zero.

WSJT-X and MSHV ADIF files can be directly uploaded to the entry robot.

Scores will be normalised for each section in each session as follows.
Score for each section/session = ((number of entrants+1)-(position of entrant))*1000/(number of entrants)

Any entries with a zero score will be given a zero normalised score and will not be included in the count of the number of entrants in that section/band for the purposes of calculating other normalised scores.

It is impossible for you to determine your best sessions without knowing everyone else's scores, so please submit your logs and scores from all sessions in which you were active and allow the adjudicator to calculate your best sessions.