RSGB Contest Special Rules 2024

This is an Affiliated Societies contest and is open to both individual entrants (who must be RSGB members), and to teams made up of a number of operators who must all be members of the same affiliated society (club), but not necessarily RSGB members themselves.

The results from the 160m, 4m, 6m, 2m, 70cm and the three 80m / 40m Affiliated Society contests contribute to the AFS Super League.

(a) Clubs entering these contests must be affiliated to the RSGB. A club may be represented by any number of stations, all of whom must be within the UK&CD. Teams consist of up to four stations. The adjudication process allocates the four highest-scoring stations for a club to "Team A", then the next four highest-scoring stations to "Team B", and so on.

(b) Each AFS member will be allocated to one or more teams in descending order of adjudicated score. For the purpose of calculating the overall AFS team score, each member of each team will be placed in one of 4 groups, groups A, B, C etc. The highest placed member of each team will be placed in Group A, the second highest in Section B etc. All stations in each of the groups will have their score normalised against the highest score in that group, with the highest score gaining 1000 points. The final AFS team score will be the sum of the team members individual normalised scores.

RSGB Affiliated Societies must enter either the Local Category or the General Category for the whole of this contest series:

(i) Local Category.
Entrants representing a Local Society must operate within a circle having an 80km radius - the centre being the Society's Virtual Meeting Place (VMP). Exceptionally, those whose home QTH is within the circle may operate from an alternative or temporary location elsewhere.

One of the officers of the Society must notify the adjudicators of the chosen VMP - specified by the UK&CD Postcode or 6-digit QTH locator, by email to before any of the Society members enter an event of the series. In the notification email, Societies that have not already registered a VMP must state their chosen VMP, the Society's RSGB membership number and the Society's call sign. This VMP will be used in all HF and VHF contests in which the Society enters the Local Category. Entrants must state the UK&CD Postcode or 6-digit QTH locator of their location or home QTH, for each event when submitting their entry to the contest Robot.

(ii) General Category.
Societies whose members' home QTHs cannot fit within an 80km radius circle, those that do not notify their entry category and those who prefer not to enter the Local Category, will be placed in the General Category.

(a) The operators in teams representing an Affiliated Society must be members of that Society, but need not be RSGB members themselves. RSGB members and Non-UK stations may enter as individuals.

(b) Where an Affiliated Society has Branches, it may define a separate VMP and enter a separate team, with a different name for each Branch.

(c) A list of Affiliated Societies that enter RSGB contests showing those that have registered a VMP and giving details of each Society's selection of Local or General categories for all relevant contest series, can be found here . Society selections of Local or General Categories will be carried over to future years, but not to other contest series, so please check the list for your society and use the notification email address to request any

(d) If a Society finds it necessary to change their VMP, they should also use the notification email address for this. The new information will apply to contests that take place after the change. Please allow a week for a change to be implemented. Each Society is responsible for checking that a
change does not exclude their members from representing the Society.

(e) No station may represent more than one society. No operator is allowed to use more than one callsign during the contest.

(f) Members of the RSGB Contest Club who are not members of another participating Affiliated Society may enter any of the relevant contest series as representatives of the RSGB Contest Club - in the General Category. To join the RSGB Contest Club, you do not need any previous experience of contesting and you will not be obliged to enter any of the Affiliated Society events on behalf of the club. If you wish to join, or need more information, please register with the Club by sending your name, callsign and RSGB membership number by email to