RSGB Contest Special Rules 2024

a. The individual entries by a club's members to the UK&CD activity contests which take place on Tuesday and Thursday in every month, all count towards a society's overall score for the year for each UKAC. To maximise the club score, it's important for the club contest organiser to get as many members to come on for as many sessions as possible.

b. There are two categories for clubs, 'General' and 'Local'.
Clubs wishing to enter the 'Local' category must specify a Virtual Meeting Place (VMP) -- a reference point from which distances are measured, and which need not have any connection with the Society's activities. Societies must email the UK&CD Postcode or UK&CD 6-digit QTH locator of their VMP to before the first relevant contest entry of each calendar year. The UKAC VMP may be different from that used for other AFS based contests. An affiliated society must enter the same club category for every UKAC band.

c. Society members in the Local Category must either operate within or have their home QTH (as shown on their Ofcom validation document) within a circle of radius 80km from their Club's Virtual Meeting Place. However, members may be based outside the 80km radius if there are no other AFS within that 80Km. Stations must state their UK&CD Postcode or UK&CD QTH locator of their home QTH when entering their log on behalf of a club in the 'Local' section. There is no distance restriction on where their station is operated.

d. Stations enter the UKAC contests in the normal way, but need to choose an AFS (affiliated society) name when uploading their log. Entries to all sections of the UKAC count towards the overall club score which is the simple sum of the normalised scores of each team member operating that month.

e. Stations who enter on behalf of an affiliated society must be members of the affiliated society, but not necessarily RSGB members themselves.

f. Stations may enter on behalf of a different club for each UKAC band (6m, 4m, 2m, 70cms, 23cms and SHF). Stations may make one change of club during the year where their circumstances change. In exceptional circumstances, we may choose to not allow a club change if we believe it is for the purposes of artificially manipulating the overall club results.

g. All sessions will count towards the total club score.

h. All clubs's taking part must be Affiliated to the RSGB.

i. A list of all affiliated societies that have registered for RSGB Contests can be found here