Welcome to the RSGB CC VHF contest log generator system.

From here you can create an electronic cover sheet and log suitable for entry to all RSGB VHF contests.

You may find this useful if you usually keep a paper log during the contest and normally either send the paper log to us or input the QSO's into a logging programme after the event.

All you need is a web browser; no other program or logging software is needed. Your completed log will be sent to you via email.

When you have completed your log it will be automatically sent to the Contest Committee. Various help screens will take you through the process.

Firstly you will be asked to complete a form detailing all the information we need about you and the contest you are entering. This will form the basis of your contest “cover sheet”. Once complete, you will then be able to enter all the information about the contacts you made during the contest on a simple “log sheet” style page.

 Once you have completed this your entry will be emailed to you for checking. If necessary you can edit your log online. When you are happy with it your entry will be automatically posted to the Contest Committee

If you would like to try the system without entering a log, then just create a log for one of the contests but just choose not to send the log to us by skipping the final "SUBMIT" stage.

If you have any problems or suggestions then please email Pete, G4CLA at g4cla@rsgbcc.org

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