VHF NFD Single Transmitter Section Frequently Asked Questions.

I don't have a radio that covers all the bands on which I intend to operate. Can I use several different radios?

Yes, but you cannot transmit on more than one band at a time.

I have a single HF radio and several transverters is this allowed?

Yes, as long as only one transmitted signal is used at any one time.

Can I tune around one band between calling CQ on another band

Yes, you may listen on any of the three bands you have nominated during registration. You cannot call a station on one band at the same time as you are transmitting on a different band.

After working a station on one band, can I move to a second band and work him again?

Yes, as long as you stop transmitting (calling CQ or making contacts) on the first band.

Can the single mast be lowered and one of the antennas changed during the contest.

Yes, changing antennas is allowed during the contest, E.g. changing from 6m to 4m.

Do I have to use different antennas for each band or can I use multi-band antenna(s)

Multi-band antennas are allowed.

Can I use bands other than those I have nominated for the puposes of talk-back?

No, operation is not allowed on any bands, at any time, other than those you have nominated.

Can I use the DX cluster or internet chat channels during the contest?

The use of these facilities is covered in the VHF contest general rules. Active use is only allowed to aid operation on the 23cms band.