The VHF Contests' Championship

1. The VHF Contests' Championship aims to provide an overall result for the year based on a representative selection of contests. The contests that count towards the championship are:

i.     March 2m/70cm (The overall 2 band normalised score)

ii.    432 MHz Trophy

iii.   May 144 MHz

iv.   50 MHz Trophy

v.    144 MHz Low Power

vi.   432 MHz Low Power

vii.  144 MHz Trophy

viii. 70 MHz Trophy

ix.   1.3 GHz Trophy & 2.3 GHz Trophy (combined score)

2. All stations entering 3 or more events are automatically included in the championship. Stations may opt out of the championship by contacting the CC chairman but individual contest results cannot be excluded.

3. The championship is open to UK stations. Scores from overseas stations will be disregarded when calculating championship scores. There is a Single Operator Fixed Station section (SF), a low power section (LP) and a section for All Others (O).

4. The low power section is open to single operator fixed stations who enter any of the above contests using 25W or less output and a single antenna. If a station enters some contests with high power or extra antennas, and some with low power and a single antenna, only the low power, single antenna scores will count towards this award.

5. The overall score is calculated from the sum of the normalised scores for each event listed above. The normalised scores are calculated as in general rule 5c. Low power entrants will be normalised against the best low power score.

6. Stations entering the single operator fixed section of a contest may elect to submit their score towards an All Others championship score if they wish. In this case their score will be normalised against the leader of the All Others section. Please mark your cover sheet clearly with the name of your contest group/club if you wish to do this.

7. The John Pilags Memorial Trophy is awarded to the winner of section SF, and the Racal Radio Cup to the winner of section O, and the Low Power Championship Trophy to the winner of section LP.